Is Stock Trading Gambling?

Trading in stocks and shares has been associated with gambling for a long time. It is unfortunate that those who suffer losses and even bankruptcy in other trades and businesses do not attract the stigma of gambling. It may, however, be noted that trading in stock market is no more a gambling than any other business.The people who suffer losses in stock trading are those who treat it like gambling. Gambling implies that you do not make your moves without studying all its aspects and its pros and cons. You just throw the dice almost blindly and result is that you suffer loss. If you act blindly like this, then any business can be as bad as gambling.In gambling you either lose or you win your stake. You gamble while you bet on a team, say of cricket, football or horse racing. You are betting your money on the abilities and performance of others over which you do not have any control. Even the players themselves do not know whether they will win or lose.This is not so the case in stock trading. At the most the price of your shares falls by a certain percentage. You do not lose your whole investment as you do in gambling. You, therefore, lose only a certain percentage of your investment. This is what exactly happens in any other business except in gambling.If you play the game by its rules, you win in the stock market as much as you do in any other business. In case of stock trading, you are the performer. You can control your movements. You can research and consult others. Your research and calculations are based upon mathematical calculations proven over a long period of time.There are certain rules can make you successful in any business and the same rules apply to stock trading as well.You need to understand the inns and outs of the business that you take up even if it is as simple as shop keeping. You must start with small investment and understand the supply and demand position. You must know that you have to buy your wares at cheaper prices and sell them at higher prices. This is an elementary rule in shop keeping and the same applies to stock trading as well.The second rule is to increase your trade gradually. You must try to learn the tricks of the trade as you make money. The whole process has to be gradual. You cannot become millionaire over night in any business, howsoever great be its profit potential.If you invest without any experience, you are more likely to suffer losses in any business including stock market.Yet another reason why stock trading is called gambling is the volatility of the stock market The prices of the stocks keep changing almost every moment. While this kind of fluctuation in prices may appear a difficulty for one investor, it can be an opportunity for the other. If the market were not volatile, there would be no opportunity to make money. When the prices go up, it is an opportunity to sell, and when the prices go down, it is an opportunity to buy.The other reason for losing in the stock market is that we often go by our emotions and not hard facts. You tend to enter the market when the prices are spiraling upwards. You buy it under the fear that if you do not buy now the market will rise up further. You kind of feel left out as the price is building up. What usually happens is that when you buy, the market has already reached its peak and falls as soon as you buy. And then the fall continues with your sorrow and frustration. Your patience runs out. A moment comes during its fall when you become desperate and sell your stock at much lower price than you bought it. You suffer loss.The best course in such situations is to take a long-term view of the market. Even if you have already made the mistake of buying when the prices were running towards the roof and fell soon after you bought the shares, you should now take a long-term view of the market and have patience. If the price has fallen it will surely rise again. This is the way with the stock market. If every rise hath a fall, every fall too hath a rise.

Game Tester Jobs in Video Game Industry – Basic Requirements

Many gamers are looking for jobs in video game industry. Unfortunately though, most video game jobs require some form of education, be it from a technical school or from college. This is a serious barrier for hardcore gamers, many of whom just want to play video games and get paid for it. Luckily, there is an option available to such gamers; one that requires little to no training. What is it? Professional video game testing.Unlike with game designing or game programming, one does not need a degree or college education to succeed in game testing. All a person needs to obtain testing jobs in video game industry is the ability to play video games and the ability to spot game glitches (high attention to detail). If the gamer has both those traits, he/she is ready to be a game tester right now.Two Types of TestersMost people don’t know this, but there are two types of video game testers; the at-home tester and the “testing center” game tester. The at-home tester, as you can no doubt guess, works primary from home; while the “testing center” game tester works in a public building with others.How do the two differ? Well, for one, the at-home tester doesn’t have to leave his house to go to work. The second difference is the at-home video game tester won’t be working with a team. Aside from those two differences, there really isn’t much else. Both types will need to create bug reports on the games they are testing, both will receive free video games, both will get insider information on new games, and both will get paid excellent salaries for their work.Getting Testing Jobs In Video Game IndustryYou won’t get any video game tester jobs sitting on your hind-end waiting for game companies to come to you; it’s not that easy. Instead, you have to get yourself out there and actively search for new positions that are opening up.Gaming companies are constantly launching new games, which means they are CONSTANTLY looking for new game testers to test those games. This is where you come in. Get in contact with these companies & developers and tell them what you have to offer. Brag about your experience and how long you’ve been gaming. The more experience you have with video games, the more they will be impressed and the more likely they will be to hire you.If you’re up for it, tell game developers that you’ll test the first few games free of charge. Free game testing may not come with pay, but it is an excellent way to build up your references and your list of contacts.

Wooden Board Games – Top 3 Best Sellers

The three best sellers according to records reported by a section of the online business community were1. Shove Halfpenny.Shove halfpenny is a wooden board game that has been a popular pastime for centuries. In medieval England it was such a popular gambling game that the board had to be kept in a room at the back of the Inn so that only trustworthy customers could play. King Henry the VIII of England was a regular player, and history records that even he had to lay out significant sums of money to courtiers who had the skill (and no small amount of courage) to beat him.2. Backgammon.Backgammon has been played by Ancient Civilisations, including the Egyptians and can be dated back to 3000BC. Many civilisations had games that would combine the use of dice and markers to play territorial “war” games where opponents were able to develop strategies of defence and attack. However, by the 18th Century it became very popular among English clergy.3. Chess.Chess dates back to 2000BC in India and Persia and was known as chaturanga. The original Chess Pieces were of carved Horses, Chariots, Elephants and Infantry Soldiers. Chess as we now know it came in to being about 2000 years ago.Throughout history some form of board game has been played as a leisure pastime by most civilised societies. Some were even being played before the civilisation had developed their literacy skills. The same basic concepts exist today and many of the ancient board games have transformed into the ones that we play today.Wood as a material was abundant in most regions and was commonly used as a material of choice and has the benefit of great longevity and style.Many of these traditional wooden board games are seeing a revival in popularity today due to the keenness of parents to provide an alternative to electronic games.